Lovin’ the moon!

By summer 2017, all of Jamie’s issues were winding down.  The daily “poop fest” was a rarity, his barking was close to average for any dog, the circles had disappeared!!!!  Yeah!!!!  Some nights he was sleeping all night, ………………Mama got zzzzzzz!  Then something new happened.

Jamie, like clockwork, would wake at 2 am and cry to go out.  I would get up and take him out, only for him to walk to the farthest part of the yard and sit down.  His nose would reach up to the sky and he would just sit and smell the crisp air.  He actually was beautiful and he so very much enjoyed it.  Only problem was, it was 2 am and I needed to sleep.  It was a simple pleasure for him.  I let it go on for awhile, but realized it needed to stop, I needed sleep to get through my day.  So, every night when he did this, I would march across the yard and bring him in not letting him stay even one minute.

I am now “allowed” to sleep 7 hours.  James, aka:  Jamie, wakes up after 7 hours.  If I go to bed at 11 pm, he wakes me at 6 am.  If I go to bed at 11:30 pm, he wakes me at 6:30 am.  I really have no clue how he knows………….

More about the precious lad next time.0402171639a_HDR

One more habit to break.

The last thing that Jamie did in the beginning, and will do it when super excited, is nip at your legs.  When I would come home after being out, Jamie would be so excited he would be jumping all over the place and try to pull at my clothes.  Instead, it was a little nip.  Not break the skin nip, but pinch nip so my upper legs were black and blue.  He would get you on your inner leg and we all know how that hurts.  Remember, he for all practical purposes, was a puppy and puppies tend to be mouthy.  Of course, the only senses he can use are feel and smell.

How did I break that?  Every time he did it, I would stop and gently hold his mouth closed and push him away.  Gradually he figured it out.  First, he would try to move his mouth away from my hand, then I knew he understood.  It did not take long and for the most part he has stopped.  During times of super excitement he will do it, and I remind him.  Other than the above, Jamie is the most gentle guy.  His kisses are so soft and he barely touches you when taking food out of your hand.

Tomorrow, the hand life dealt him.0126171417a

The trifecta!!!!

The third Jamie issue, that led to him being returned from his first adopter, was his incessant barking.  Morning, noon and all night, Jamie barked.  He barked for days on end.  He barked so much he gave himself laryngitis.  He would open his mouth and NOTHING came out!!!!  I felt guilty because I was in heaven, peace, heavenly, peace!

I was not sure which was worse, the poop, the circles or the barking.  A perfect trifecta!!!! Like giving birth, I can’t remember how long it took for all three of them to go away, but they did.

Jamie has such a sweet personality.  He is very loving.  There was one more issue to work on.  Until tomorrow, Jamie fans.